Very Much Alive

January 8, 2011 - jguenther

I have been asked enough times regarding the progress on our next collection of songs to warrant the drafting of an update (at the very least). But I hope to do you one better and provide you with not only a status, but a motivation. As I say this, I am struck with the thought that most of you may not understand the full meanings of the things I will put to this page, however unfortunate, but I do feel it worth the effort.


For starters Surface 2 Air is very much alive. We are in fact more alive and vibrant than ever. We have all passed our adolescents and moved into a very stable understanding of just what we hope to accomplish with our music. Although the other members may not be as vocal as I, we are none the less all in harmony as we meet our minds. We no longer feel an expectation to propel ourselves into the mainstream, we are in fact, free of all expectation and as such, we don’t suffer the consequence of disappointment. This in turn frees us to express the full scope of our thoughts and feelings. This one thing… is the greatest part of our transformation and on this one thing all others pivot and as such, all things will pass through it.


The excitement we feel about the new sounds we are making is palpable. We have never pushed ourselves further and tested our skills more than now. We are literally writing beyond our ability. By that I mean we are learning how to play the things we are writing on the spot. We have never been a technical band and I will maintain that we are not, but we are definitely moving in that direction. This may excite some and disappoint others but we are evolving naturally and are not being pushed either way. With that said, it is safe to say that we are decidedly heavier than ever. We are choosing our sound carefully so that it is better capable of carrying our message, or more accurately, it is choosing us. Either way it is a very natural and organic evolution.


Our approach to our lyrics is equally exciting. We are drawing as always from our lives and experiences but now very unapologetic. We are focused on providing an extremely honest journey and are now heading into some very difficult and taboo areas. What you will certainly find is a soul in every song that will resonate with the lives of those that are finding it difficult to fit in. I would find it safe to say that “emo” is not a fair description because “emo” music plays to ones emotions, trying to invoke them, when what we bring is not designed to do that but is only a resource in the process. I do not deny though that when one delves into such areas it won’t leave a mark. Or that it won’t sting when expressed, it’s just not designed to do that. We are focused only on the telling, the feeling on the other hand may come as a result.


I would urge you all to keep us in your thoughts. This process may be taking longer than expected but I do think it is worth it. I hope this has excited you and that you are looking forward to hearing the finished product. Just be patient, because I think you all will like what comes out in the end.


Johnny Guenther

Surface 2 Air